"Think and Grow Rich" - online study group


Find how so many have made millions from the principles taught in this book.

Let's start using the master mind principle taught in this book, working together to apply all 13 success principles to take our businesses to the next level.

Best Selling Author and Proctor Gallagher Consultants Dave Smith and Doug Shepherd will be leading this group.

“There’s something really powerful about groups and shared experiences. People might be skeptical about their ability to change if they’re by themselves, but a group will convince them to suspend disbelief. A community creates belief.” — Charles Duhigg

How to Create Multiple Sources of Income

We will look at how you can create multiple sources of income.

  • Understanding money and how it works and what can prevent you from accumulating wealth
  • Why does the top 1% earn 95% of all the money earned?

  • What are the 3 different ways to earn money?

  • Which is the only one you should really focus on to start?

  • Why you should be doing this (especially right now)

  • We will give you a step by step plan to get started

This call will be lead by best-selling author and business mentors, Dave Smith and Doug Shepherd.


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