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Yes, before they make their list of prospects, before they learn how to talk to people and even before they learn the One-Minute Presentation … your new distributors must know the Needs vs. Wants principle.

Help your new distributor understand the difference between needs and wants. Our business is not with people who need our products or need extra money, but our business is with those who want our products and extra money.

This principle makes it easy for the new distributor to focus the marketing in the right direction. Prospecting becomes instantly efficient. Now the new distributor will only be in front of people who want to join or buy. Big difference.

When they learn how to use the Needs vs. Wants principle, their prospect list comes alive with hot prospects who want opportunity, who want your products, and who want to be contacted. 

This principle eliminates the fear of contacting people and directs your new distributor to great prospects. No more wasting time, no more frustration. 

And the best part?

Your new distributor will be insulated from rejection, doubt, and the negative influence of relatives and friends. Your new distributor will feel great about the business, and great about contacting the right prospects.

Learn the simple story in this audio to illustrate the Needs vs. Wants principle, and watch your downline grow instantly!

This principal is the very first thing I teach distributors so they can contact the right people immediately with confidence.

"This audio, everyone should listen to and understand. This will help any network marketer, especially the new person. This is a principle you must understand before you talk to anyone about your products or opportunity. This will help you eliminate the emotion attached to rejection."

Dave Smith
Co-Founder of Timeless Possibilities

"Like all Big Al’s training, the CD is not long but it is packed with important insight, presented in a fun, easy listening format. Understanding the subject of needs and wants is vital for the success of any new distributor and should be completely understood before any presentation is given."

Doug Shepherd
Co-Founder of Timeless Possibilities

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