The One-Minute Presentation


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Explain Your Network Marketing Business Like A Pro

Where do I start? What do I say? I don't want to sound like a salesman. How can I relax my prospects?

When we are untrained, giving presentations can be difficult. We don't know the real questions in the minds of our prospects. We don't know what triggers a "yes" or "no" decision. Many times, we don't even know where to start.

Our fascination with information holds us back. We can't see the big picture because we are drowning in facts.

And, what actually is the big picture? It is simply this: Does the prospect want to join our business or not?

But what would happen if we changed our entire business presentation model? First, we learn to get presentation appointments with almost 100% of the people we talk to. Next, we learn to give our entire business presentation in less than one minute. If we could do this, how do we think our prospects will feel? Thrilled!

When we can give our entire business presentation in less than one minute, many good things happen. We save time, not only for ourselves, but for our prospect. That makes two people happy. Plus, this gives us the flexibility to give our presentation anywhere, at any time, in any circumstances. And finally, all the sales tension disappears from our prospects when they know our presentation will take only one minute.

Learn to make your business grow with this efficient, focused business presentation technique.

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"Like many of Big Al’s books it is a very easy quick read packed full of examples. Many examples can be used word for word when speaking with a prospect face to face or over the phone. One concern I have had all alone is the high rejection people face. So, the section on “How To Get Appointments Almost 100% Of The Time” was of great interest as was the “Two Magic Sentences”. I found it hard to believe that a presentation of any value could be done in one minute. However, knowing what is truly important to a person for the decision-making process to be positive out of the mounds of information at hand was mind opening. Knowing the three basic questions any prospect needs answered to have them make a preliminary decision is worth the cost of the book. The one-minute presentation sorts out who is really interested in the business very quickly saving us time and energy. No more, as they say beating a dead horse. I believe this skill would be of great worth to anyone in network marketing. I recommend reading this book and developing “The One Minute Presentation” skill."

Doug Shepherd
Co-Founder of Timeless Possibilities

"I found the One-Minute Presentation an easy read. It has lots examples which you can use word for word. No more awkward rejections. In one-minute you can answer those three questions everyone wants to know. Great way to sort people. No more spending time explaining your opportunity to those who are not interested right now. No more burning the bridges with them so you can never again approach them. It’s amazing what you can find out in one-minute if you know what to say."

Dave Smith
Co-Founder of Timeless Possibilities

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