The Four Color Personalities For MLM


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The Secret Language For Network Marketing

Mind reading = fun!

When we know how prospects think, selling and sponsoring are easy. Read deep inside our prospects’ minds with this easy skill. 

Our prospects have a different point-of-view. So how do we talk to prospects in a way they "get it" and enjoy our message? 

By quickly identifying our prospect’s color personality. 

Discover the precise magic words to say to each of the four personalities. This isn’t a boring research textbook on the four different personalities. This book shows a fun, easy way to talk to our prospects based on how they see and feel about the world. 

The results are stunning. Shy distributors become confident when they understand how their prospects think. Experienced distributors have short conversations that get prospects to join immediately. 

Why be frustrated with prospects? 

Instead, quickly discover the four personalities in a fun way that we will always remember. We will enjoy observing and analyzing our friends, co-workers and relatives, and we will see the way they see the world. It feels like we have 3D glasses in our network marketing career. 

Of the 25 skills, this is the first skill that new distributors should learn. Why? 

1. It gives new distributors instant confidence. 

2. It eliminates rejection. 

3. It helps prospects listen with open minds. 

4. It gets instant results. 

What could be better than that? 

We won’t have to look for great prospects when we know the four color personalities. We will have the ability to turn ordinary people into hot prospects by recognizing their color personalities and by saying the right words. 

By using humorous, slightly exaggerated examples of the four personality traits, we will remember this skill and can use it immediately. Life is more fun when we are the only one with the 3D glasses. 

This is the one skill that we will use every day for the rest of our lives! 

Get ready to smile and achieve immediate rapport and quick results. 

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"I found this book a quick but very interesting read. It has certainly opened my eyes to the importance of knowing the different personalities and how to communicate effectively with each. Big Al’s approach using colours and exaggeration does make it easier to identify the different personalities. This along with the suggested words each colour would most likely use tied in with the questions to ask certainly makes it easier to identify the different personalities quickly. After all one has little time to build rapport with a prospect, so knowing the colour and words to use for effective communication will make all the difference. I believe this skill would be of great worth to anyone in sales, but specially those in network marketing. I recommend reading this book and developing the skill of personality identification. "

Doug Shepherd
Co-Founder of Timeless Possibilities

"This book was a fairly quick read and very informative. Big Al’s easy writing style and exaggerations make it fun to read while being very informative. This book was a real eye opener for me. It really helped me understand the reactions of other people much better. Most importantly it helped me understand my own personality better. This helps me effectively communicate with others. I can talk to them instead of at them. "

Dave Smith
Co-Founder of Timeless Possibilities

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